Welcome to Richmond-Burton Drama!


We have two productions a year, a fall play and a spring musical. All high school students are invited to audition for the show and to participate in crew, although space is limited for both cast and crew. The fall show will be announced the first week of school with auditions to follow after Labor Day. The musical is usually announced at the final show of the play and auditions will be either before or after Winter Break.

DRAMA CLUB--Meeting every Monday on the stage

Drama Club will meet every Monday after school from 3:00 until 4:00 pm.

Topics include improv, set design and construction, lights & sound, audition tips, dance basics, and going to see professional shows such as Les Mis, West Side Story, and Chicago. Students are encouraged to check it out the schedule as we'll have 2-4 week sessions on different topics. Also, students are encouraged to stay connected on PowerSchool for updates and announcements. If you are not on PowerSchool for Drama, please contact Ms. Kane

Fall Play

This year, the fall play was entitled Web of Murder and involved several family members being invited to a home, high on a cliff, to discuss Aunt Minerva's final will and testament. The questions arise: who is in the will and who is out? will she get to read the will? Who is the man in black, creeping through the secret passageway? And who keeps killing off the characters in this play?

Everyone loves a good murder mystery and this was no exception.

Spring Musical

The spring musical was pushed up a month, and despite missing rehearsals and school due to weather, the show was not a Disaster! Set in the late 1970s, the show puts together many of the top hits of the decade as well as all the drama of the disaster films. Sharks, earthquakes, explosions, disco, and platform shoes all have their place is this toe-tapping celebration of the best of the worst of the 1970s.