The Concert Band program at Richmond-Burton High School is made up of three different performing ensembles. Each of these ensembles strives to develop musicianship and concert wind literature at the highest level of performance. By placing an emphasis on high school fundamental techniques at both the individual and ensemble levels, the bands will mature and grow together as individuals, musical ensembles, and as young citizens in their community. The band will focus on music reading, counting rhythms, tone production, ensemble playing, listening, and intonation.


RB Combined Concert Band

The RB Concert Band is composed of every instrumental musician involved in the RB Band Program. In this ensemble, students will develop full ensemble skills in addition to preparing and performing challenging concert literature. The Combined Concert Band will perform a variety of literature at every RB Band Concert, typically featuring medium grade works that require full grandioso instrumentation. Please note this is not a separate/independent class.

RB Concert Band

Beginning in the fall semester, the RB Concert Band is one of two separate ensembles that meet daily at RBCHS. The Concert Band will prepare challenging concert literature for individual performance and for the Combined Concert Band. In addition to preparing concert repertoire, emphasis will be placed on the development of fundamental techniques that will produce stronger musicianship. Placement in this ensemble for current Freshman, Sophomore, and Juniors is conducted at the beginning of Spring Semester by audition for the following year. (Gr. 9, 10, 11, 12). All incoming freshman should register for this course.

RB Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is one of two separate ensembles that meets in the fall and spring semester at RBCHS. The Wind Ensemble will prepare challenging and often times outstanding upper-level literature in addition to literature for the Combined Concert Band. Students are typically placed one on a part which demands much practice and outside attention. Students are also asked to pursue private lessons if fiscally possible. Though it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Placement in this ensemble is conducted at the beginning of the Spring Semester by audition. (Gr. 10, 11, 12)

Every student participating in the RB Concert Bands is required to perform at all scheduled concert, football and basketball games (as determined by the director). In addition to this, students must also complete various homework assignments and attend individual sectional rehearsals throughout each semester. There are frequent assessments on skill progression and rudimentary techniques via a recording device.

Students involved in Concert Bands must participate in Pep and Marching Bands. Students are not allowed to participate in Pep and/or marching band without being involved in Concert Band.