Manufacturing Pathways Consortium

The Richmond-Burton Community High School Board of Education set a goal to develop working relationships with local businesses and manufactures. Over the past 24 months R-B has created relationships with manufacturers through student internship and job placements at Scot Forge as well as staff site visits to multiple companies. Richmond-Burton administrators have also worked with the Manufacturing Pathways Consortium to expand opportunities for the entire community. The Manufacturing Pathways Consortium is composed of manufacturers, educators, and community partners in and near McHenry County.

The mission of the Manufacturing Pathways Consortium is to create an employment pipeline focused on future careers within manufacturing through:

  • Increasing awareness of career paths

  • Developing basic technical and non-technical skills

  • Creating a systematic approach to collaborative hiring

  • Identifying non-traditional talent

The new website provides links to job boards for manufacturing jobs in McHenry County, contact information, career pathways and upcoming manufacturing events.

Things you can do on the website:

  1. Connect to numerous Manufacturing Companies’ Job Boards

  2. Explore various Career Pathways in the Manufacturing Industry

  3. Learn more about ‘Women in Manufacturing’

  4. Check the Calendar for upcoming events such as career/job fairs

  5. Discover potential scholarship and apprenticeship opportunities

  6. How to sign up to become a Consortium Member

  7. Download information on the Consortium

  8. See the “Contact Us” tab for further information

Richmond-Burton Community High School looks forward to providing more opportunities and pathways to manufacturing for our students and community.